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Portugal, a captivating destination, seamlessly blends history, gastronomy, and traditions. As the birthplace of ancient navigators, its past is etched in its landscapes. Wander through the vibrant districts of Lisbon, where historic charm meets modern energy, and explore Porto’s enchanting riverfront. In Sintra, discover the fairytale allure of its castle. Along sun-kissed beaches, through timeless villages, and amidst the rugged charm of the Douro Valley, each cobblestone street and every dish tells a tale of resilience and beauty in this warm and authentic haven

Portugal Itinerary 7 Days: Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Douro Valley

From : $ 4,990   !    7 Days
Embark on a 7-day adventure through Portugal's highlights, from the vibrant streets of Lisbon and the enchanting castles of Sintra to the iconic city of Porto and the breathtaking Douro Valley. Discover the essence of Portugal in just one unforgettable week
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Portugal Itinerary 8 Days: Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Douro Valley and Lagos

From : $ 5,870   !    8 Days
During this 8-day journey, we'll explore the highlights of Portugal, enriching the itinerary with a visit to Lagos. Nestled along the stunning coastline, Lagos offers pristine beaches and exciting water activities, enhancing the overall experience of this unforgettable adventure
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Portugal Itinerary 10 Days: Lisbon, Porto and Algarve Region

From : $7,900   !    10 Days
Explore Portugal's vibrant cities of Porto and Lisbon, soak in the breathtaking landscapes of the Douro Valley, and unwind in the leisurely charm of the Algarve region during this enriching 10-day journey
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Portugal Itinerary 14 days: Lisbon, Sintra, Coimbra, Porto, and Beaches in Algarve region

From : $ 9,900   !    14 Days
Embark on a two-week Portugal adventure, exploring Lisbon, Sintra, Porto, Douro Valley, Guimarães, Évora, and the beautiful beaches of Lagos. Discover the rich tapestry of Portugal's cities and landscapes in this immersive journey
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The best time for beach lovers in Portugal is during the high season from June to August. If you want to enjoy beaches without being overcrowded, consider visiting Portugal in May to early June or during September to October.

The countryside blooms with springtime colors from March to May, while September and October provide an ideal backdrop for vineyard visits and wine tasting

Yes, English is commonly spoken in Portugal, particularly in tourist areas and urban centers. Many locals working in the tourism industry are fluent in English, making it relatively easy for travelers to communicate and navigate throughout the country

Portugal is best known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. The country boasts picturesque beaches along the Algarve coastline, historic cities like Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra with unique architectural wonders, and a maritime heritage shaped by famed explorers such as Vasco da Gama. Renowned for its delicious port wine from the Douro Valley, Portugal also offers the soulful sounds of Fado music, the traditional artistry of azulejos (ceramic tiles), and the irresistible Pastéis de Nata, a beloved custard tart. These elements collectively make Portugal a captivating destination with a diverse tapestry of experiences.

Seven days unveil the highlights, but the magic truly unfolds with a minimum of 10 days. This extended journey not only invites exploration of Lisbon and Porto but opens the door to the breathtaking wonders of the Algarve, the enchanting allure of Sintra, the timeless beauty of the Douro Valley, and other regions where Portugal’s captivating cultures, histories, landscapes, and communities come alive in an immersive experience