About Us

Luxury Tours Agency LLC

Luxury Tours Agency, based in New York, is your gateway to exquisite tailor-made luxury trips worldwide. Our mission is to provide our cherished travelers with authentic experiences and a comfortable way of exploring the globe. To make it happen and exceed expectations, Luxury Tours Agency collaborates with the best local travel experts who curate itineraries, seamlessly combining the authenticity of the experience with the comfort of luxury travel.

Our Story

Mohamed Boumeshoul, the founder and owner of Luxury Tours Agency, began his career as a mechanical engineer before venturing into the world of travel. In 2017, he established Morocco Top Trips, offering personalized private journeys in Morocco and swiftly earning an outstanding reputation with glowing reviews on TripAdvisor. Driven by a passion for forging meaningful connections, Mohamed cultivated a robust global network through strategic partnerships with tour companies. His journey culminated in New York, where he relocated to elevate the travel industry. From the seeds of Morocco Top Trips, the flourishing tree of Luxury Tours Agency emerged, embodying Mohamed’s unwavering commitment to crafting unparalleled and luxurious travel experiences on a global scale