8 Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Morocco has 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The uniqueness of this country in Africa is above all others. It features destinations of rich culture and modern metropolises, deserts of dry climate and snowdrifts. Travellers can have both wild Atlantic beaches and calm Mediterranean coves in this best places to visit in Morocco.

Europe is right across the water, so it is not a wonder that it makes part of many travelers’ bucket list. Morocco has a year-round sunshine and the beach is the most popular tourist destination all-inclusive. The country’s cultural legacy is full of preserved historic cities. This atmosphere gives you a sense of crossing a time portal.

Recenltly, Morocco has made several progress in the tourism sector. Presently it is easy to go around by domestic flights, high-speed rail, and new roads. Sleeper buses with extra luxury are also available for trips of long duration. Travelers must prioritize a few prime cultural places that appeal to them. Guessing to see all at once could be too much for one to handle.

Decide whether you like to walk around the must-see sites or to amble down the avenues of Morocco, the latter is full of treats for you to relish. Morocco, the (north African gem), has unmissable experiences and icons places. Its cultural gems are yet to be found. This blog with Luxury Travel Agency will be the passport to a wide variety of cultures.

1. Anti-Atlas


The Anti-Atlas is the Morocco’s less traveled mountain playground with many plateaus, valleys and hills to explore, that’s why he is one of the best places to visit in Morocco. Backpackers over here may be able to discover new hiking trails, keep empty historical sites vague and meet with the locals who have those valleys for long times with their message of goodwill and warm hearts.

The area is packed with hiking and climbing routes nearby Amelen Valley with the Mt. Lkest being the most dominant and Tafraoute’s anti-climactic granite landscape, especially in the areas of Napoleon’s Hat and the Painted Stone. The mountain roads are not easy to drive or pedal on but in the Ait Mansour Gorges you will see thousands of date palms.

Please while enjoying your tours of Morocco, put some time aside to be in contact with Imazighen residing in the locality. A little of their simple life and the way they are grounded is the kind of food the soul eats.

2. Marrakesh

Lefnaa Square in Marrakech is One of the Best Places to Visit in Morocco

The ‘red city’ or the name of the Moroccan Granddaughter is definitely one of the best places to visit in Morocco, due to the variety of things to do in Marrakesh. Get yourself involved in the city’s fairytale with its romantic shades of the medina wall at the sunset and the heady odor of citrus trees in the season. Traverse through the horse carriages to the Djemaa el Fna that is full of performers and food vendors. Take a stroll around at the lantern-lit alleys of the medina which you can buy on Morocco Products and add a moroccan touch to your home or wander through the walled enclaves of Jardin Majorelle. This city won’t disappoint you here: palaces, and an ever-bustling art community in the Ville Nouvelle.
Marrakesh is the city of Morocco that has some of the best spas and hammams, like Royal Mansour and Hammam de la Rose. Watch the sunset from the rooftop of JEl Fenna square while having this 7 days Itinerary of Morocco, with the impressive surrounding city providing a gorgeous and atmospheric backdrop. Then, eat sumptuous candelit dinners at one of the many fantastic restaurants in this beautiful gastronomical city spiced up with flavours from all over the world.

3-Moroccan Kasbahs and Fortified Villages Moroccan Kasbahs and Fortified Villages are one of the Best Places to Visit in Morocco

The Berber old villages and Kasbahs on the Draa Valley expands the range. Their history and culture, blooming simultaneously in the region, truly enrich the value of the area. Kasbah des Caids is a great sight, with a lot of rooms and hidden paths. Eventually, I came across a necklace that used to be owned by the most powerful one in the tribe. In the inward, you will understand mosaics, decorations, and various geometric designs that characterize Moorish, Jewish, and Berber architecture. The kasbah leads to a nearby fortified village. This particular valley is ultra shaped by the water masses translated by the High Atlas. It is a wonderful area of Morocco where the tourists of this state are depicted through its oases and old towns.

These fortified villages or kasbahs are indeed the beating hearts of Morocco’s unique architecture and culture. The sightsin Kacbah des Caids brings you into the Berber culture and Moroccan history. They are indeed some of the best works of the architects because of an elaborate design with many details and ways to hide. The amazing Draa Valley sceneries are an extra touch to the adventure. We have pooled together these factors to give you the learning experience that you can never forget.

4. Taghazout Bay

Taghazout Bay

From Essaouira to Sidi Ifni across the Atlantic ocean you can find a long stretch where you will find the country’s largest surf beaches lot. Taghazout is a small village at the heart of it, which is a fishing and surfing community with colored houses and steps, as well as an eclectic mix of cafes, grills and surf shops. Add the surf and yoga, to that mix we flow freely on the days that start with sunrise and finish with sunset yoga on the rooftop.

Besides surfers, Taghazout Bay is one of the best spots in Morocco for a beach holiday as it has 5km stretch of white sand absorbing the Cheikh Zaidz sun and postcard-perfect blue sky all year round. It offers a variety of 4-5 star beach resorts and bohemian homestays making it the perfect destination to satisfy even the most picky of tourists.

5. Essaouira


Imagine a place that epitomizes Morocco’s diversity. Then you pick Essaouira to consider as one of the best places to visit in Morocco. The laid back bathing city is on the coast with a sandy beach, convenience water sports center, a busy fishing harbor and a noisy fish market for the just caught from the sea fish.

The heart of the city is the pedestrianized medina with markets offering ceramics and traditional riads where one can sleep in. Many riads have been renovated and fitted to serve the cool crowd of the artistic people attracted to this cultural and adoption city. Historic gnaoua music festival, ramparts, and contemporary bars and restaurants are all right next to each other in Essaouira. There is also a variety of shopping spots you can check out.

6. Sahara Desert

Camels in Sahara Desert of Morocco while Sunset is definitely one of the Best Places to Visit in Morocco

The road to the Sahara is long but when you get to the edge of the world’s largest hot desert, the tarmac ends and the sand seas open with you seeing waves and waves of dunes before you. Whether you decide to travel by 4WD or camel further into the desert, the emptiness of the Sahara can give you a sense of remoteness that is hard to find in today’s densely populated world.

Visiting the Moroccan Sahara is a chance to look at things from a different perspective, come back from a journey of self-discovery and the ability to enjoy the company of nature. This extremely lonely area will be full of life with a good guide while having a trip to Morocco, no matter which time you come but the night sky full of stars or without light pollution would be incomparable.

7-Moroccan Markets and Souks

Moroccan Markets and Souks

When the mint cups are filled with tea, it’s a good moment to experience how it is. Moroccan Cuisine is a blend of Berber, Arab, and other tastes. You’ll discover these flavors in tagines, couscous, and fresh fish among others. In the pulsing Moroccan Markets and Souks, you can have as many things as you want to taste. It ranges from the spicy Moroccan Street Food to fine dining Moroccan Experiences served in the historical buildings.

Still however, it is not only about the food. In Morocco, I believe the Moroccan Hospitality definitely gives you a lot to write about. The people of the host nation are very hospitable; they will often invite you to join them and share food or mint tea. This makes the Moroccan food and drink experiences turn into a fascinating and attractive thing. I feel like it is more than a meal share, it is a route.

8-Outdoor Activities in Morocco

Outdoor Activities in Morocco such as Surfing and Camel Riding in Moroco

Morocco is a great destination for those who enjoy the outdoors. The highlight of hiking the High Atlas Mountains is the new places one emerges from. You can visit historical sites here and enjoy the company of the cheerful people in the foothills. For those who are more adventurous, the camping by the stars near Jebel Siroua volcano is a wonderful experience.

The Atlantic coast is a lively water sport hub for surfing and kitesurfing with most people being touring around Essaouira and Sidi Ifni. The Taghazout village with its local character provides a perfect starting point for such sports. You can also travel through the Sahara Desert on a 4WD or camel and explore the vast, calm dunes. At every corner of Morocco you encounter a new natural scene, say the High Atlas or the Draa Valley, leaving you at no doubt about the idea it is the earthlings’ paradise for nature lovers.


Of all the destinations around the globe, Morocco is certainly one of a kind. It has all that a person would want; from busy cities and old towns to calm deserts and mountains. This country in the North of Africa becomes everyone’s choice to go through, noting to its culture, food, and the affection of the residents. It’s to go without saying that it is an ideal place for history, adventure, or relaxation beside the shore lovers.

This country has become more accessible to explore, due to the better traveling and accommodation options. It is a combination of old epoch traditions and new modern lifestyle. Oh, as you settle down to your last cup of mint tea and think back on your memorable journey, you will take a lot of photos and remind yourself how to do it better next time.

It is this place, mixing the old with the new and influencing people in a certain way, that leaves a great impression on those who visit. When you are deciding on the next destination, you should not forget about this unique country of North Africa .  These best places to visit in Morocco hold the promise of a journey, one that will stay with you for years.

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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