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Africa has more than 1 Billion people who eke their living through agriculture. As for the Chinese population, it doesn’t recognize 4 billion people let alone their particular stories. Launched is here to refresh your Africa travel by witnessing the Africa’s cultures, unbelievable places, and incredible wildlife on our Africa tours. Don’t search for long organizing your trip by yourself, our guides are ready to make it unforgettable.

Join us and travel to East, North and Southern Africa. Experience the scenery of the beautiful savannas, which form a natural contrast to the historical and cultural landmarks, and stunning geographical features. Luxury Tours Agency is underlined that every time we strive to make you get the feeling of the place where you are.

Tailored Africa Tours

Our Africa tours are all about understanding diverse regions and making your dream trip real. You may want to trek in Uganda to see the mountain gorillas, or see the pyramids in Egypt. Maybe Morocco’s markets are calling you. Whatever your dream, our experts will make a special plan for you.

Looking to experience something amazing? Our Tanzanian tours show you the wildebeest and zebra migration. Or try our Rwanda Tours for unforgettable gorilla trekking. From Nairobi’s busy streets to Lake Victoria’s calm, you’ll find the heart of East Africa.

Want to dive into North Africa’s history and culture? Our Egypt tours and Morocco tours let you do just that. In Egypt, visit Luxor and Aswan’s temples and pyramids. In Morocco, get lost in the lively markets and taste local dishes.

When it comes to travel, count on us to make your Africa tour perfect. Our team is ready to craft a journey that goes beyond what you imagine.

1-Egypt Tours

Pyramids is to a Must visit while your Egypt Tours

Don’t miss the chance to travel and discover Egypt with the help of our Egypt tours. Explore the open-air museum of Luxor – one of the largest cities in Egypt and admire the beauty of Aswan. Our guides will explain the history of the magnificent temples and pyramids of the ancient world to you. Here you will find the great Sphinx looking majestically over the entire Giza plateau. Take Nile River cruise; get to discover more of Egypt.

Furthermore it is also possible to visit the markets of Egypt particularly in Cairo. Taste the specialty of the region and buy native products to take home. When you go to the Egyptian Museum, you can fully enjoy the sightseeing of the treasures of Tutankhamun. The private tours and ideas guarantee you discover the true face of Egypt’s tourism. The events and revelations are new each day.

2-Morocco Tours

Visit the Sahara Desert while your Morocco Tours

We take you through Morocco by offering tailored tours that will give you facinating insights of the country’s culture. Explore and tourist in the aromatic and crowded souk of Marrakech where you can buy Moroccan handmade products. Savor a biryani that’s as spicy as the local Indian food and other types of food served on the road. The tours are designed to show you mountains you will not be able to forget – the Atlas Mountains. Explore the pleasant landscape and lively berbere.

Also, visit the oldest imperial city of Morocco which is the city of Fes. The narrow streets and other sights will take your breath away. Tours that highlight the beauty of the Chefchaouen town can be very colorful and worth the taking of photo. Morocco tours are a complete mix of history, culture and picturesque landscape. Every itinerant involves a number of activities which are aimed at creating a complete experience.

3-Tanzania Tours

Beautiful Beach is to be Visited while your Tanzania Tours

The following are some of the Tanzania tours that we offer to give you an experience on the richest wildlife. See the wildebeests and zebras on their migration from Serengeti in Tanzania in high season. Our guides will assist you in identifying the big five; You will be privileged to view the fabulous view of the Ngorongoro Crater. This World Heritage site is worth a visit.

In addition, discover the charm of the largest Volcano in Africa which is Mount Kilimanjaro. The adventurous lovers of trekking can go for it on its steep slopes. Tanzania tours and safaris also comprise of a beach segment which involves tropical relaxation on the sands of Zanzibar beaches. There you will get the maximum of the Both Fun and the Rest. Become familiar with the core of east Africa with us.

4-Uganda Tours

A Chimpanzee looking to the Camera while your Uganda Tours

Come and let us take you through some of the most amazing experiences of your life through our Uganda tours. Visit east-Central Africa to see the mountain gorillas roam about in their natural environments in the forests. The guides that Luxury Travel Agency are able to use guarantee the safety of the participants and at the same time make sure that you will see wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Also, do not miss the opportunity to have a look at the beautiful surrounding of Murchison Falls. It contains a great number of powerful waterfalls and an absolutely beautiful landscape. Below are the some of the Uganda Wildlife & Nature Tours specifically designed for you. Sometimes it can be boat riding, watching birds, or even come face to face with the indigenous people. Every tour is a carefully designed package that aims to offer the Ugandan experience.

5-Rwanda Tours

A Group of Zebras is to Be expected while your Rwanda Tours

Explore Rwanda’s tourism attractions with special interest tours. Experience remarkable gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. Which forests you ask for, here your guides will take you through the forests. Sighting these magnificent species is one of the most memorable moments of ones life.

Also, find out about one of the liveliest cities of the world, Kigali. go visit Genocide Memorial to see more about history of Rwanda. Our Rwanda tours also features include the Akagera National Park. Easily access this park which is famous for game drives and boat safaris. Our Rwanda tours will give a twenty-four view of this beautiful and colorful country. All the schedules are set in such a way that an individual can experience the utmost fun and explore the culture of the country in its entirety.

6-Kenya Tours

Kenia Tribe Dancing their Local Famous and Traditional Dance

Kenyan tours and travels, let our travel experts show you what Kenya looks like. Begin in Maasai Mara which is famous for the annual GreatMigration. Crocs, hippos and fish shooting wild waterfalls on the Nile river and thousands of zeases and wildebeests migrating across the savannahs. This is a wonder called the ‘Eighth wonder of the world’ and thus; it’s worth a visit. Expert guides make sure that you are in the right positions for the best views. Additionally, encounter the Big Five: Tiger, leopard, lion, rhinoceros and elephant, water buffalo and other large wild animals. In this case, the participants shall be taken for cultural experience to a Maasai village.

Then proceed to Amboseli National Park Next. Detail features of this park include the following; It provides excellent view of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is well known for having the largest concentration of elephants. See these animals of the wild in the flesh. This factor is the allure that accompanies the setting of Africa’s highest peak. Amboseli is characterized by a variety of habitats such as; swamps, woodlands, and savannah.

Family-Friendly African Vacations

Family-Friendly African Vacations

This is due to the fact that while then families had the opportunity to make memorable experiences. It is also of particular importance since it assists everybody to be more conscious about the existing natural environment. The specially designed Africa family vacations are aimed at meeting the needs of all family members. They entertain and educate at the same time, which means that children and grown-ups will have a fabulous time. This will give a fun filled way to come face to face with wild animals and learn about cultures and people with ease at the same time.

Sightseeing and adventure characterize our Africa tours Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and other east Africa destinations that are also idyllic. Children are obviously amazed seeing the African wildlife in such a close range. Or see them learn about diversity in meals and food preparation. Our coverts guides the kids and ensure that the whole family is well entertained and well informed on the african family vacations.

There are so many places to visit and appealing activities to do in East and Southern Africa. Perhaps you could make your way through the beautiful Tanzania landscape in the Serengeti. Such as taking a nature walk in the ardent rainforests of Rwanda. And of course, do not neglect to visit Moroccan medinas, they are also worth visiting. It will also help the places you visit since you and your counterparts will be responsible tourists.


Indeed, there exists no place in the world that is as replete with miraculous feelings as the African continent. It is effective in touching the hearts of anyone who will go through it with its various experiences. Hence if you are looking for an amazing safari experience, an expose to culture or just a zest of luxury then our tours to Africa are for you.

We will guide you through our continent with the special emphasis on the concepts such as African responsible and eco-tourism. They will ensure that your trip is a trip that you will never forget. Expect to view the beautiful savannah in the East, view the archeologists’ paradise in the North and view the cultural productive clients in the South. You would love our Africa tours because they reveal the richness and the versatile image of the African continent.

Want to learn more about African peoples, have very thrilling African big game hunting trip, or spend your next luxurious vacation in Africa? They have professionalism to make your experience incredibly memorable. This is your opportunity to travel through Africa with us and cherish the priceless experience.

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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