Best Places to Visit in Egypt: Discover our 9 Choices!

Let your mind wander in such a way that you can breathe the most of the epics carved out on such huge structures that have been prevailing many years ago. Immerse yourself within the merry arms of the Red Sea while diving into the turquoise waters asking the intriguing life color to go with you. Imagine that you are on a quiet cruise along the amazing Nile River, while sights of ancient temples with stories spill their secrets as we are passing by them.

Whether you are a history buff, an adventure lover or a traveler looking for trance, that Egypt, on her own, provides an abundant universe of times which will fascinate your senses.

This travel guide covers the best  places to visit in Egypt in detail that is offered by Luxury Travel Agency. Our travelogue is going to be your companion that will unveil the lesser-known mysteries as well as the enchanting landmarks of this land.

1-The Pyramids of Giza

A Group of Tourists Riding Camels in front of the The Pyramids of Giza

Walk through the amazing Pyramids of Giza that is chosen as the most popular tourist attraction in Egypt and shouldn’t be missed during your tours of Egypt. These impressive buildings, in which the Great Pyramid of Khufu and the others Bhuhning have preserved in times as well as till today continue to amaze the tourists coming from different countries.

The Pyramids of Giza, nowadays, situated on UNESCO World Heritage List and constituting one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World represents the highly important historical and cultural heritage for the humankind, and that’s one it is one of the best places to visit in Egyprt. Let’s be in awe of the engineering wonders that serve as the political tombs for Pharaohs and discover the history behind old Egypt.

Regression of time is no longer enough as you wander through these gigantic structures. Witnessing the precision and ingenuity which resulted in such a magnificent architectural feat. 

2-The Red Sea Coast

The Red Sea Coast of Egypt

The Red Sea coast of Egypt is the ideal incognito heaven for travelers seeking an island-like idilic destination. Having crystal-mirrored waters, purple corals, and an exciting variety of ocean inhabitants, it stands out and thrills the hearts of the mariners.

You simply have to look for the truth that reveals itself at the depth of the Red Sea coral reefs. One of the highlights of the Red Sea coast is the opportunity to explore this incredible coral reef. One of the highlights of snorkeling in warm tropical waters is getting to know its inhabitants, from a myriad of colorful fish, through pelagic turtles, to dolphins if you are very lucky.

Adrenaline, after all, can be one of the key reasons to visit the Red Sea coast, and it won’t be a disappointing experience. Shoot for the stars! Windsurfing or kiteboarding are awesome. When you let the wind blow by your hair and you wheeze effortlessly on the waves – that is pure joy.

Meanwhile, do not rush and give yourself indescribable moments of relaxation at the white beaches attached to the Red Sea coast. Use the sandy, yellow, soft surface right under your feet and let the blend of the waves’ gentle sounds heal your heart. Stop over at the tradition markets, dubbed the souks, to see beautiful handicrafts, various spices, and unique gifts.

3-The Wonders of Luxor


Explore one of the most extensive open museums on excursion to Luxor locally called “The world’s largest open-air museum.” Sited on the eastern facet of the lashing Nile River, Luxor paint a vivid imagination of the amazing ancient Egyptians’ history and the indestructible monuments that tell the victory of the civilizations they stood for.

The city that is the must see for every visitor to Egypt is Luxor which is home to a number of historical artifacts assembled in one place. Start your explorer with a trip to the Valley of the Kings is Egyptian pharaohs from New Kingdom Funeral monuments. Marvel the magnificent architectural tiling with sophisticated symboals carved with mystical hieroglyphs and art.

Take your travels to the fabled Karnak Temple, the biggest one in the ancient Egypt, where you can worship the Amun-Ra, the sun god. Find its multielaborated columns, fascinating statues, and attention grabbing hypostyle hall, which by the way is the Egyptians’ most renowned architectural achievement yet.

Be it for history nerds or for leisurely reason, Luxor has the best Egypt’s monuments to offer you an amazing encounter. Dive into mysteries of ancient Luxor and discover you have ever imaginated.

4-Cultural Cairo

The Old Architectural and Cultural Builiding of Cairo in one of the Best Things to Visit in Egypt

Enjoy a visit to Cairo, an amazing capital city where the sights of the bygone days are neighbored by modern life. Cairo is an electric and ramshackle city that serves as a storehouse of the culture heritage to be enjoyed.

Be amazed at the Egyptian museum, a place of a collection that has artifacts up to 5000 years back of the history. Among the artifacts, observe the golden mask of Tutankhamun up close, and other royal statues that defy description in size. The museum is indeed worth a visit of the history buffs and everybody who is puzzled to find significant information about Egypt’s ancient history.

Enjoy the busy life of Khan El Khalili Bazaar, where you will encounter one of the oldest Middle East markets. Wander through the intricate network of streets that unveils merchant stores with vividly patterned fabrics, spices, and handmade wares. Spend a minute of your break visiting any local cafe to enjoy a sip of Egyptian tea or you could simply sit and observe the hustle and bustle of the market.

Do not miss your chance to walk through the ancient streets of Islamic Cairo where you will encounter a treasury of the city’s beauties. Investigate the tiny mosques consisting of the enchanting Muhammad Ali Mosque and the amazing Sultan Hassan Mosque. Travel the old streets and uncover the hidden jewels in each turn with the antiquated buildings and the picturesque courtyard houses.

The pulsating art life of Cairo brings out different type of presentations that serve as a cultural heritage.

5-Serene Nile River Cruise

Serene Nile River Cruise

Experience the amazing top attractions of Egypt while floating the Nile River aboard a transportation ship. Welcome to the most captivating kayaking expedition on the planet which takes you through the rolling waves of the longest river, the river of life.

In the midst of this place, surrounded by gusty fresh air and inspiring bird song, all feelings dissipate and you begin to feel truly calm and awestruck, in addition to this, you will know why it is one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

The visit to the old temples, which hold the secret chronicle of Egypt history is one of your activities that you will experience on your tour. As you Karnak and Luxor temples, be ready to stand in awe because of their unmatched grandeur. In both of these buildings you will have a chance to discover architectural mastery and fascinating legends hidden behind their walls.

As your cruise trip progresses along the entire length of the Nile, you will encounter obscured places where you let the daily obligations and customs of the Egyptian population show themselves. Watch fishermen from the village casting their nets at early morning, farmers sowing the land on the river side, and children beside the rivers rolling their round stones along.

The Nile river cruise not only provides an invaluable and enlightening perception of Egypt but also gives you a literal acquaintance with the soul of Egypt. 

6-Majestic Temples of Abu Simbel


Majestic Temples of Abu Simbel is One of the Best Places to visit in Egypt

Start at the very south of Egypt and discover what the country have high on its visitors’ agendas and it is surely one of the best places to visit in Egypt. The breathtaking temples of Abu Simbel are inter alia the spheres of interest of tourists, who come to Egypt for holiday, traveling to the top-spots.

Through these majestic edifices built by Ramses the 2nd, Pharaoh of Egypt, we understand the architectural elegance and cultural legacy from the country. You cannot miss one of these awe-inspiring temples, which are built on the banks of the Nile River. They project in power and majesty by their colossal size and subtle ornate detailings.

7-Stunning Beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

Stunning Beaches of Sharm El Sheikh

Like a fairy tale, these beaches are the perfect escape away from overwhelming everyday lives and can be found in Sharm El Sheikh, a well-known resort city on the Sinai Peninsula. The exquisite beach is a spectacular sight comprising of the soft white sands and the sparkling turquoise waters, Sharm El Sheikh, provides the perfect holiday setting for a relaxing and sun-tanning break.

With those highly-rated resorts that are by the coast, go ahead and enjoy the luxurious feel, plus an unmatched level of comfort and immaculate amenities.

While it’s more for the adventurer, Sharm El Sheikh also has a multitude of extreme water activities to offer. Consider the amazing underwater realm of The Red Sea, famed for its colorful coral reefs and preponderance in sea life. Snorkel between thousands of colorful fish and enjoy the breathtaking view of underwater beauty, this is why it must be on our blog of best places to visit in Egypt. 

8-Charming Oasis Towns

Charming Oasis Towns of Siwa
Allow yourself to become enchanted by the secretive haunts of the oasis towns dotting the sprawling desert and embark on a legendary journey. These must-see destinations in Egypt provide its visitors with an uncommon mix of traditions and trends.
When you get into these desert oasis towns you will see the palm forests that are excellent shade from the sun that is very hot. Participate in capturing discussions and discover the wide range of their ancient traditions which will be your lifetime memory.Wander through the colorful local markets filled with handicrafts, spices, and other items to take delight in before returning home. Seeking authentic Egyptian flavors, take a culinary trip at the neighborhood cafes and restaurants, and taste local delicacies.Take advantage of the beautiful sunsets falling beyond the desert’s horizon by not skipping. They engender us with a feeling of contemplation, providing an opportunity for us to experience a slow pace and serenity and let us know why it is one of the best places to visit in Egypt.

9-Ancient Wonder of Alexandria

Ancient Wonder of Alexandria is One of the Best Places to visit in Egypt

Set out for Alexandria the prominent center for learning and higher knowledge in the ancient times. Alexandria stands out for its many monuments and wonderful history, and it’s a great place for the curious travelers to be brimming with impressions.

One of the city’s best known landmarks is the Library of Alexandria which is the nation’s icon. These scrolls and manuscripts became an unprecedented number of books that were held in the library and made it the most comprehensive library in the ancient world. They attracted scholars from different parts of the world and made it the top sited reference library.

The Qaitbay Citadel is the fortress close to the Mediteranian sea, and it is the center of attraction. This architectural square is a construction of the ruler Al-Ashraf Qaitbay in the 15th century for the defense against enemy attacks. Engage in the fortress through sightseeing, getting the visit vistas, and historical museum coming to live around the great work.

Alexandria not only captivates but also stands out as one of the best places to visit in Egypt, for its wonderful architecture and incredible ancient sites. Due to its remarkable monuments, those visitors looking forward to discovering the beauty of Egypt should pay a visit. Explore the El genero antiguo que forma el propio identidad de Alejandria, catando los misterios de esta encantadora ciudad. So,to visit all the nine top Egypt destinations, all you need to do, is to book with us our special 7 day Egypt itinerary.


In brief, Egypt is a place where every traveler will find a perfect destination; starting from the legendary pyramids of Giza and enchanting Red Sea coast to the last spot where you will be totally impressed by the functions of Nature that give you a sense of ancient Egypt history. Best places to visit in Egypt offer a blend of ancient wonders and natural beauty, ensuring an unforgettable journey for all who venture there.

People who are looking to relax can rejuvenate on the beautiful coast of Sharm El Sheikh and the cities, that got their sweetness from the oases. Pre-plan your trip, discover the best cuurious places in Egypt’s lively culture and tradition. Feel those indelible moments first-hand, when you will see the legacy of an age which has attracted veneration of many generations. Egypt is a unique destination which has something to offer to every traveller mouth.Start your adventure today!

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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