Kenya Holidays: Discover the Safari of East Africa Safari

For instance, you did not know that more than 2 million wildebeest and zebra return to the Maasai Mara each year. This is the greatest migration on the face of the earth involving animals. Due to this, Kenya is among the favorite holiday destinations in East Africa. Bliss to any explorer as it boasts of cute savannas and fabulous coasts.

In Kenya one can always be in for a surprise. In a way it combines the attractions of great wildlife and colorful ethnicity. The visitors of this place can go on hunting Big Five animals, swim in perfect beaches or acquire knowledge about the culture here. It is a destination where every visitor can easily fond something he or she will appreciate. Welcome to the Kenya Holidays with our Luxury Tour agency and explore more through our Blog and make your moments special.

An Unforgettable Kenya Holiday

An Unforgettable Kenya Holiday

Kenya can be described as an example of a country in the East Africa region, shining like a jewel. It offers the visitors and locals opportunities for enjoyable experiences of different types. It has many natural attractions that you will be able to sightsee, culturally it is alive and the people are welcoming. Whatever kind of traveller you are, Kenya suits. You could go for a safari ride, relax at the shore, or have a full tour of Kenya around the anthropological cultures.

Luxury resorts and game viewers are the special items that you will find in this Kenyan destination. If there is a place that can touch upon your heart and stay there for the rest of your life, the place is definitely Kenya.

Masai Mara: The Crown Jewel of Kenya Safaris

Zebras and Bufallos in Masai Mara: The Crown Jewel of Kenya Safaris

Standing out amongst all the other parks and reserves, the Masai Mara National Reserve is considered the best place to come for a safari in Kenya. It is vast and green and has the most incredible wild life. Watch the Big Five and so many other animals here. Remember not to leave in the early fall without experiencing the great migration first. Currently, yearly migration of millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles cross the country. It is quite spectacular to watch, That’s why it has so many viewers. Visit the Maasai Mara with the drivers who have more experience for our Kenya Holidays packages that you will cherish all your life.

Breathtaking Beach Holidays in Kenya

Enjoy Palm Tree By The Beach while having your Kenya Holidays

As far as tourism is concerned, Kenya’s probably best known for its exciting wildlife safaris but the beach is also just as beautiful. The beautiful white sandy beaches of the Kenyan Riviera and the gentle stirring of Indian Ocean bring in a holiday feeling. Here you have an opportunity to stay in comfortable beachfront resorts, have a nice tasteful meal or seafood, and make water activities as snorkelling or diving.

Apart from totally being family friendly, these beautiful beaches are also ideal for couples. indeed I can attest to the fact that the beaches of Kenya are going to be magical and will be of great help in rejuvenating one.

Cultural Tours in Kenya

Kenia Tribe Dancing their Local Famous and Traditional Dance

Kenya, besides beautiful nature, is famous for cultural tourism and different kenya cultural visits. These tours enthrall you into the culture and history of different tribes in Kenya like the famous Maasai people.

At Maasai villages, one can find some information about their culture and the performance of certain ceremonies. Local craft work will take you through the demonstration and real Kenyan meals will be served to you. This makes you comprehend better the Maasai people and how they relate to their ground.

They are not only informative, but emotional and make you see another side of Kenya holidays as well.

Adventure Travel in Kenya

Experience Hot Air balloon in Kenya

Moreover, the civilization of this country offers the unique opportunity of an adventurous trip to Kenya. It provides and interesting opportunities for tourism, outdoor activities and adventure tours. Some outdoor activities that one can engage in when visiting Kenya include; You can engage in diverse kenya hiking trails such as climbing Mount Kenya. Or, for example, enjoy the view of natural beauty of the region – Rift Valley.

Among the recommendations for a travel activity is a hot air balloon to take a flight over Maasai Mara. Or go for the thril of rafting at Tana River. From ultra adrenaline activities to relatively serene trips, Kenya has what you are looking for. that way its geographical area offers a seemingly inexhaustible assortment of other attractions for an incredibly diverse assortment of visitors.

Discover the blend of attraction that it has to offer through Luxury Tours Agency today. This wildlife and scenery 6-day tour of Kenya takes in Nairobi, Amboseli and Maasai Mara. Changing the 7 day trip of Kenya to include a visit to Lake Nakuru to view birds and a boat trip to Lake Naivasha. The 12-day  tour of Kenya covers the Samburu, Mount Kenya, and Mombasa that gives the feel of traditional African culture along with mountain as well as coastal adventurous experience. Have the time of your life in Kenyan holiday!

Kenya Holidays: Luxury Resorts and Lodges

Beautiful Resort and Beach in while Having your Kenya Holidays

Explore the destinations of Kenya  luxurious resorts and lodges way. Given these decisions, these first-class places prescribe comfort and superior service. One will not be disappointed with the options and splendor of the accommodation ranged from beach villas to tented camps in Kenya.

Why not imagine yourself embarking on an exquisite meal, and being able to take a dip in those luxurious plunge pools. Include the elements of personal butler service in the middle of Kenya’s enchanting scenery settings. These accommodations give you the felicity of watching the movement of the wild, and get into the beauty of nature.

Be it for a couple that wants a quiet and romantic getaway, or a family that craves for a memorable vacation, these resorts are great. They also offer a spectacular assurance of comfort, service and sights or rather a splendid view. Your Kenya holidays will be divine experience which you will want to remember for the rest of your lives.

Family-Friendly Kenya Holidays

Family-Friendly Kenya Holidays in Front of Group of Wild Animals

Kenya being a country with lots of beautiful sceneries and fine climate is suitable for families. It is also very active having activities as a childcare center for all ages. With the Kenya safari tours , your kids will be surprised to see the wild animals. They are able to view all sorts starting right from baby elephants all the way to huge lions. You can also take a different views of the landscape like the savannah of the Maasai Mara and the serene shores.

Kenya luxury resorts and lodges allow families. Some of the services they provide include, Cultural lessons walk and learn, fun learning for the kids etc. Such trips are productive in the sense that, they are enjoyable and create interaction of ideas. They will indeed be remembered for severable years to come.

Romantic Kenya Honeymoon Destinations

Beautifull Sunset by the Beach in Kenya

That is why it is great for a honeymoon stuffed with the involved romantic places and encounters. Candle lit dinning can be done while having a view of maasai mara plains. Night Private game drives are also allows in the Conservancy. And do not think that the couple can indulge themselves in couple’s spa procedures in exotic best beach hotels and resorts. They have so many beautiful sceneries ranging from the rhetorical rift valley to stunning white sandy beaches. They are great when one is planning for a romantic honeymoon that at the same time in involves lots of physical activity.

There is plethora of choice for the guests; they can stay in the concept of safari camps, private villas, or even elegant lodges. It is the kind of work where they take care of all the minor details for you. That is why, unique services, made-for-you experiences, and beautiful sights make Kenya Holidays the top choice. It’s where you will get the best of all the romantic and memorable honeymoons.

Kenya Travel Packages: Hassle-Free Planning

Cheetahs in Kenya Safari

When taking a holiday many a times one is always faced with a challenge when selecting a holiday destination between the many available options, in this case Kenya. Wait for it though, Kenya travel packages are here to save the day. These packages make planning easy to undertake which makes it a very useful package. They make it possible for you to be more productive by leaving out matters that would otherwise distract you in making memorable moments. They range from things such as kenya safari tours and kenya luxury resorts. Thus, your vacation is pleasant and free from any hurdle that may spoil your vacation.

Fancy the sightseeing of exotic mammals and birds or going to the shore? Kenya attractions have packages for every activity and price range. This makes your Kenya trip less laden with stress, and more pleasure.

Hiking Adventures in Kenya

Tourists on a Hiking Experience

It is an ideal country for thrilling Kenya Hiking activities. That is where you can scale Mount Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa. Looking at glaciers and alpine lakes from the top of there will leave you with Free Power stunning sight. Go on a multi day adventures and come across the skirts of the of the great rift valley. There will be splendid waterfalls, and many forms of birds as well. These trails will excite the new person and also the old person, the expert person in the field. You get close to nature in a peculiar manner and are challenged to the extreme.

Learn about the various adventure travel kenya terrains of Kenya. In a single day you can travel from having what feels like rainforest thickness to having sun-lit caliber. On top of a mountain you will be humbled and it will be little wonder that the world looks small.

Currently, the hiking trails in Kenya give adventurers of all abilities what they need. There are more adventurous ones that involve a simple day hike or even a full day hike if you would want. They just allow you touch the ground the sense the feeling of Kenya and take it to your heart.


Kenya is a great combine of marvelous acacia trees, exciting historical empire, wealthy wildlife and colorful people. It includes such highlights as Maasai Mara that many dream to visit and beach vacations. This East African gem, as I will like to call it, is packed with lots of holiday possibilities.

If you are fascinated by a splendid wild life exposure in the famous Masai Mara game reserve or a peaceful, bohemian vacation in one of the sizzling beach resorts in Kenya, it has it all in store for you. It is famous for its excellent accommodation, fauna and flora and excitement-filled actions, and fun places for families with kids.

Journey to the Kenya of your dreams today! Fancy a lovely ride – to the doorstep of dreams, the promotion of your senses and creating memories worth a lifetime. Our Luxury Travel Agency can assure that it will be regrettable if you do not take a chance to experience the marvelous Hiking in Kenya.

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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