Spain Itinerary 10 Days


Join us on our 10 days Tour of Spain, weaving through the vibrant cities of Madrid, Seville and Córdoba. This meticulously crafted itinerary promises an immersive experience, seamlessly blending cultural exploration, culinary delights, and the architectural wonders that define the essence of Spain. As you step into Madrid, the capital city opens its arms, inviting you to explore at your own pace. From the hallowed halls of the iconic Prado Museum to the historic Botín restaurant, recognized as the world’s oldest, every corner narrates a tale of Spain’s rich heritage.

This journey is a testament to our commitment to customization – a promise that if this meticulously designed itinerary isn’t the perfect fit, you have the liberty to contact us. Tailored experiences, crafted with precision and consideration, await your preferences, ensuring your Spanish adventure aligns seamlessly with your desires and expectations.


  • See the highlights of El Prado’s art collection:
  • Immerse yourself in the masterpieces of Goya, Velázquez, and more.
  • Tour Córdoba’s Mezquita and Seville’s Alcazar:
  • Explore the rich history and architecture of these iconic landmarks.
  • Learn the secrets of Granada’s Alhambra:
  • Uncover the mysteries of this breathtaking palace and fortress.
  • Sample the tapas and flamenco of Seville:
  • Delight your senses with the culinary and cultural treasures of Seville.



Your Spanish adventure begins as you touch down in Madrid. A private driver awaits to whisk you away to your centrally located hotel. Madrid, a city where historic charm meets modern vibrancy, welcomes you with open arms. After settling in, seize the opportunity to explore this cultural hub. Stroll through the elegant boulevards adorned with architectural wonders, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey. As the day unfolds, immerse yourself in the world-renowned Prado Museum, housing a treasure trove of artistic masterpieces. However, the night holds another treat – a tapas crawl through Madrid’s culinary wonders, each bite revealing the city’s rich gastronomic tapestry.

Wake up to a day dedicated to uncovering Madrid’s gems. A private walking tour beckons, tailored to your pace and style. Traverse the city’s highlights, delving into its history and culture with a knowledgeable guide. The pièce de résistance is a visit to the iconic El Prado Museum, a mecca for art enthusiasts. Marvel at Goya’s haunting works, Velázquez’s masterstrokes, and the exquisite pieces that define European art. The afternoon offers flexibility – either continue your exploration or opt for a leisurely evening of tapas, savoring Madrid’s culinary delights.

Today is yours to shape. Roam through diverse districts, from the trendy shops of Calle Serrano to the artistic haven of Reina Sofia and Thyssen-Bornemisza museums. Dive into the local lifestyle, perhaps meandering through the lively El Rastro Market if your visit aligns with a Sunday. Artisans, gourmet scenes, and Segway tours are at your disposal, each revealing a unique facet of Madrid. As the sun sets, savor the city’s vibrant energy from a cafe in La Latina or Chamberi district.

Hop aboard a high-speed train at Atocha station, setting off towards the enchanting city of Córdoba. Your private guide awaits to unveil the Old Town’s treasures, from the mesmerizing Mezquita to the historic Alcázar. After a delightful lunch, the journey continues to Seville, promising a seamless transition from one Spanish gem to another. Marvel at the passing landscapes, a prelude to the wonders awaiting in Seville.

Eager to explore Seville’s charm, start the day with a guided bike tour. Pedal through iconic landmarks like Plaza de España, Metropol Parasol, and the picturesque riverfront. The afternoon is yours to savor at your own pace – consult your guide for hidden gems or simply indulge in the city’s ambiance. Perhaps a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens or a visit to a local café to absorb Seville’s essence.

Lose the wheels for a walking tour, led by your private guide. Uncover Seville’s historic gems, from the grand Gothic cathedral to the Alcázar’s Mudéjar palaces. Pause at a tapas bar, indulging in local flavors, before the evening unfolds with an authentic flamenco show. The rhythmic beats and passionate dance illuminate the heart of Andalucian culture. Join your guide for more tapas and drinks, deepening your understanding of Seville’s vibrant lifestyle.

Embark on a scenic journey to Granada, winding through Andalucia’s White Villages. Zahara de la Sierra, Grazalema, and Ronda await exploration. Amid whitewashed walls and panoramic vistas, delve into local life and sample regional delicacies. The day culminates in Granada, where you’ll settle into the city’s ambiance, a blend of history and modernity.

The highlight of Granada unfolds as you step into the iconic Alhambra. A private guided tour reveals the secrets of this historic palace, where myths intertwine with architectural marvels. Descend into the city center, navigating its labyrinthine streets. Discover the Cathedral, Royal Church, and the ancient silk market at the Alcaicería. Each step echoes with tales from Granada’s past.

Embark on a guided tour through the Albaicín district, a medieval quarter that has withstood the sands of time. Admire the views of the Alhambra’s palaces against the Sierra Nevada backdrop. Explore streets adorned with churches built atop former mosques and serene squares where daily life unfolds. Pause for refreshments in atmospheric locales, savoring the essence of Granada. As the sun sets, choose a special spot for a final dinner, a culmination of flavors from your Spanish sojourn.

Bid farewell to Granada, your heart brimming with memories of a captivating Spanish journey. A transfer awaits to escort you to the airport or train station, where you’ll depart for your next destination or home. Cherish the moments, the art, the flavors, and the warmth of Spain, knowing that this vibrant tapestry will forever be etched in your travel chronicles.


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The best time to visit Spain depends on the specific experiences you’re seeking and the regions you plan to explore. Generally, spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) are considered ideal times to visit. During these months, the weather is often pleasant, with milder temperatures and less crowding at popular tourist spots.

If you’re looking for beach vacations and warmer weather, summer (June to August) is popular, especially along the Mediterranean coast. However, be prepared for higher temperatures and more tourists.

Winter (December to February) can be a good time to visit southern Spain and the Canary Islands if you prefer milder weather. The central and northern regions, including cities like Madrid and Barcelona, can get chilly, but they offer festive atmospheres during the holiday season.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Spain depends on your preferences and the specific activities and regions you have in mind.

The ideal number of days to spend in Spain depends on your interests, the regions you plan to visit, and the pace at which you prefer to travel. Here are some general guidelines based on different types of trips:

1. **City Break (e.g., Barcelona or Madrid):** If you’re focusing on just one major city, spending around 3 to 5 days should allow you to explore the main attractions, museums, and neighborhoods.

2. **Regional Exploration:** If you’re exploring a specific region, such as Andalusia or Catalonia, you might want to dedicate around 7 to 10 days. This allows for a more in-depth experience, including visits to multiple cities and attractions.

3. **Across Spain Tour:** For a broader exploration of Spain, including major cities, coastal areas, and historical sites, a 2 to 3-week itinerary would be ideal. This allows for a more comprehensive experience and the chance to explore diverse landscapes and cultures.

4. **Beach Vacation:** If your primary focus is on Spain’s beautiful beaches, consider spending at least a week in a coastal region like Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, or the Balearic Islands.

5. **Cultural and Culinary Experience:** For those interested in immersing themselves in Spanish culture and cuisine, a 10 to 14-day trip would provide time for city exploration, cultural activities, and savoring the local food.

Remember to factor in travel time between destinations and allow for some flexibility in your itinerary. Spain has a rich tapestry of experiences to offer, so the duration of your stay depends on the depth of exploration you desire.

While Spanish is the official and predominant language spoken in Spain, English is widely understood in tourist areas and major cities. In popular tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions often have English-speaking staff, and many signs and menus are available in both Spanish and English.

In larger cities like Barcelona and Madrid, as well as in areas frequented by tourists, you’ll generally find that many people, especially in the younger generation and those working in the tourism industry, can communicate in English. However, in more rural or less touristy areas, English proficiency may be lower.

It’s always a good idea to learn a few basic Spanish phrases as a sign of respect and to enhance your travel experience, but overall, English speakers should be able to navigate and communicate effectively in most tourist-oriented places in Spain.

Spain is known for a variety of cultural, historical, and culinary attractions. Some of the things Spain is best known for include:

1. **Tapas and Cuisine:** Spain is famous for its delicious cuisine, with iconic dishes such as paella, gazpacho, and churros with chocolate. Tapas, small appetizers often served with drinks, are a popular culinary tradition.

2. **Spectacular Architecture:** Spain is home to stunning architectural wonders, including Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Alhambra in Granada, and the historic architecture of cities like Toledo and Salamanca.

3. **Flamenco:** Flamenco is a passionate and expressive form of music and dance that originated in the Andalusian region of Spain. Flamenco performances are a captivating part of Spanish culture.

4. **Festivals:** Spain is renowned for its vibrant and lively festivals. Events like La Tomatina, Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, and Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions showcase the country’s rich cultural traditions.

5. **Sunny Beaches:** The coastal regions of Spain, particularly the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, are famous for their beautiful beaches and Mediterranean climate, attracting millions of tourists each year.

6. **Art and Museums:** Spain has been home to many influential artists, including Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. The country boasts world-class art museums like the Prado Museum in Madrid and the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

7. **Historical Landmarks:** Spain has a rich history, and landmarks such as the Alcázar of Segovia, the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, and the historic city of Toledo showcase the country’s diverse cultural heritage.

8. **Soccer (Football):** Soccer is a major part of Spanish culture, and the country has produced some of the world’s top football clubs, including FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The national team has also achieved success in international competitions.

These are just a few highlights, and Spain offers a wide range of experiences for travelers interested in history, culture, cuisine, and natural beauty.

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