Top 10 Best Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps

Kenya is endowed with great variety of wildlife and many spectacular safari options, thus being known as the best safari destination. From the famous Masai Mara to the beautiful Amboseli National Park and more; here is a list of the 10 best Kenya Safari lodges and camps. This list by Luxury Travel Agency features hotels that offer luxurious stay, sustainability, and amazing wildlife watching experiences.

1. Angama Mara, Masai Mara NR

Angama Mara, Masai Mara NR

The best thing about Kenya is that there are various types of safaris you can go for and there is a lot of wildlife to see. From the famous Masai Mara to the beautiful Amboseli National Park and all the way to areas less explored, our luxury travel agent has recommended the following top 10 luxury Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps. These lodges offer the ultimate in Kenya travel; luxury, conservation and wildlife, all rolled into one.

Angama Mara is an epitome of class and wild experience in the Masai Mara National Reserve area. Located near the border of the Mara Triangle each tent provides a breathtaking view of the plains below. There are things like the wildebeest migration, hot air balloon safari and even visiting the Maasai people. This lodge therefore combines the aspect of luxury tourism with the cultural tourism whereby the tourist is exposed to the real culture of the local people while in Kenya for a safari.

2. Campi ya Kanzi, Amboseli NP

Campi ya Kanzi, Amboseli NP

Situated near the Amboseli National Park, Campi ya Kanzi captures this combination of the lodges’ and luxury and the commitment to conservation. With the splendid Kilimanjaro mountain range, guests watch the scenic beauty and live in the beautiful tents.

The guided bush walks for instance give one close encounter with wild animals and one can easily spot an elephant or a lion. This eco-lodge is not just a home away from home, but also helps preserve the Maasai people and their territory, making it a perfect green safari destination.

3. Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu NR

Elephant Bedroom Camp, Samburu NR

Located in the Samburu National Reserve, along the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River and shady riverine forests, is the Elephant Bedroom Camp. Each of the camp’s tents has its private plunge pool to enhance the experience of going for game drives in the search of wildlife. The visitors can be sure to meet special representatives of fauna and flora, for instance, Grevy’s zebra and reticulated giraffe which will make the trip even more exciting.

Being located in the middle of a great wildlife area, Elephant Bedroom Camp offers a perfect place for relaxation and getting closer to wildlife. Local guides, well-versed in the environment, conduct the tour, allowing visitors to explore the reserve’s different ecosystems and their wildlife.

4. Elsa’s Kopje, Meru NP

Elsa’s Kopje, Meru NP

Elsa’s Kopje lodged on the Mughwango Hill in Meru National Park is an isolated luxury lodge that consists of well-furnished cottages with picturesque view of the plains. Lodge was named after Elsa the lioness from the movie “Born Free” and therefore has an element of conservation and environmental friendliness. Wildlife viewing is absolutely amazing at Elsa’s Kopje where one can see rhinos and buffalo among other animals in the forest and semi desert.

Elsa’s Kopje is not just a lodge, but a complete package that will make the visitors feel and appreciate the beauty of Meru National Park, that’s why it is on our luxury travels list of 10 best Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps.

5. Kiboko Luxury Camp, Lake Naivasha

Kiboko Luxury Camp, Lake Naivasha

Kiboko Luxury Camp is located in the Great Rift Valley, particularly at the shores of Lake Naivasha and offers guests private tented rooms with splendid views of the lake. The camp is a nice place for people to escape the bustle of the town and be with nature.

Furthermore, Kiboko Luxury Camp offers their guests a range of activities to do; one can visit the Hell’s Gate National Park or casually walk along the lake shore. It is situated in the Great Rift Valley thus offering great views and an easy platform to watch animals.

6. Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, Tsavo West NP

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, Tsavo West NP

Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge is located in Tsavo West National Park overlooking the magnificent Mt Kilimanjaro and the Chyulu Hills. These include swimming in the pool, sight seeing, and going for big five game drives to discover different animals. One can easily notice that the lodge is located near water sources and therefore guests are likely to witness the congregations of elephants and buffalos. Also, it is perfect for tourists in search of a quiet and exciting vacation with a touch of wildlife and beautiful scenery of Tsavo West National Park.

7. Lake Nakuru Lodge, Lake Nakuru NP

Lake Nakuru Lodge, Lake Nakuru NP is Surely One of the Best Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps

Nestled in the middle of the Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Nakuru Lodge is one of the top Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps as it is famous for its environmental friendliness and beautiful scenery of the lake. Visitors can freely enjoy birding, relish on exciting game drives to see rhinos and lions, and relax in well-furnished rooms set in landscaped gardens. Located in the heart of the park, the lodge allows guests to witness wonderful wildlife and beautiful scenery, a blessing for photographers. It’s highly recommended for those who want a restful stay while experiencing a safari in Lake Nakuru National Park.

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8. Lewa Safari Camp, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

ewa Safari Camp, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is One of the Top Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps

Lewa Safari Camp is a small and very comfortable camp located in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy near Mount Kenya. It has large tented rooms that offer a beautiful scenery of the environment and makes the guests feel calm. Activities include going for nature walks and participating in the conservation of the endangered species especially the rhino both the black and the white. Furthermore, not only they are informative but also let the guests become a part of the conservation processes of wildlife. Furthermore, Lewa Safari Camp’s is ideally situated in the conservancy and this affords the client an opportunity to witness the lion, the elephant and the cheetah among others. Also, Lewa Safari Camp is a great place to have a safari and be ready for an amazing experience with comfort and the best conservation in the middle of Africa.

 9. Loisaba Tented Camp, Laikipia

Loisaba Tented Camp, Laikipia is One of the Best Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps

Loisaba Tented Camp is on a plateau with stunning landscapes of Laikipia Conservancy and the surrounding natural mountain, Mt. Kenya, and it surely one of the best Kenya Safari Lodges and Camps. The following activities are available for the guests, Fascinating game drives, exhilarating horse back riding, and social interaction with the Samburu people. The camp offers rooms that are actually tents, combining utility with elegance. Moreover, these accommodations are far more comfortable than typical ground tents. Each tent features simple yet comfortable beds and fresh linen, providing a restful place to sleep after the day’s activities. Loisaba Tented Camp situated in the Loita Hills, Kenya presents everything from ‘a pool with a view’, to guided wildlife introduction to the part. It is undoubtedly the best destination for anybody who wants the raw African experience with the comforts of the world and exquisite views.

 10. Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Aberdares

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp, Aberdares

Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is set in the foothills of the Aberdares and presents a different sort of safari experience. Also, guests are welcome to go for exciting game drives and to visit the famous chimpanzee’s sanctuary. Also, they can go for nature walks within the surrounding bush area that is rich in various plant and animal species. In addition, being a small camp that it is, the wildlife is easily accessible with the Big Five and other wildlife commonly found in the conservancy roaming freely. Following the various activities, there are comfortable rooms for accommodation that are built in a way that they complement the environment. It is an excellent destination for people who love nature and wild animals and would love a real Kenyan experience in the natural environment.


If you want to live in comfort, explorer, or both, in the best safari lodges in Kenya, you should expect only the best. All have different and distinct sceneries and hallmark wildlife viewings, from the Masai Mara plains to the Mount Kenya. All these lodges have been classified according to the interests of their guests; the luxury, the game drives, and the cultural. Have a hot-air balloon safari, a stay in an ecolodge in Amboseli or conservation involvement at Lewa.

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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