Best Riads in Morocco: 10 Top Picks to Stay in Morocco’s Imperial Cities!

Morocco boasts of some of the finest luxury traditional hotels in Marrakech and Fes did you know this? Having nice architectures, friendly environment, and engaging the ancient history, riads provide the tourists with exciting and relaxing experiences. Whether you are in search of the famous riads in Fes or the best riads in Marrakech, below is the list of 10 outstanding best riads in Morocco that will enhance the level of luxury you can ever imagine and which you can have a feel of when you book one of our tours of Morocco.
Now, Luxury Tours Agency  will make you discover the essence of Moroccan hospitality and luxury with our curated selection of the 10 best riads in Morocco.

5 Best Riads in Marrakech:

1-Riad Melhoun and Spa

Riad Melhoun

The ultimate destination for relaxation in Marrakech is Riad Melhoun a calming palace from the outside world. The riad that they have used for the shooting is Moroccan styled with a touch of contemporary amenities that the guests of this big city greatly need to relax from.

Just try and imagine, you are being invited to relax in their serene yard, taking a break for spectacular SPA procedures or just having a cup of fresh mint tea in the shadow of the palm trees.


2-Riad Diamond of Marrakech

Riad Diamond of Marrakech

Take a tour to Marrakech’s hidden gem – Riad Diamond located in the Old Medina. That will change as soon as you step here and I promise you, you will feel as if you are in a fairy tale. Take a look at their well furnished and colorful rooms, a court, or a spacious and lovely roof top. It is also possible to see a sunset above the city.
s Treat yourself to a Moroccan themed dinner. Each experience at Riad Diamond for us has to be a wonderful one.

What is more, their friendly team makes your stay remarkable. There is a spa in their center where one can take a break and get a massage. Discover the spiritually rich and rythmic alleys of Marrakech. So be prepared and do not miss the opportunity to visit Riad Diamond – it will be a true delight.

3-Palais Tara and Spa

Palais Tara and Spa

So, welcome to Palais Tara, where an exquisite taste of the palaces you see in Moroccan’s movies andfilms can be experienced. Their splendid riad put the Maghreb style in parallel with modernity of comfort; this is really a wonder for the customers. With beautiful gardens tropical and swimming pool, to the lush spa and award winning restaurant, Palais Tara is breathtaking in every detail.

Professional and friendly in-house staff are ready to fulfill every your desire and let you have an excellent vacation. Well, sit back, have a tan, and let them give you the real taste of Morocco hospitality at Palais Tara!

4-Palais Khum Marrakech

Palais Khum Marrakech

Feel the luxury of the place and be the guest of the Palace, which is surrounded by pristine gardens and a peaceful atmosphere in the heart of Morocco – Marrakech. Their riad has tasty rooms and stunning gardens accompanied by an inviting patios of the premise that give their clients privacy from the busy city life.

While relaxing by the pool or discovering the colours of the medina, their warm team is dedicated to satisfying all your expectations. So why wait? Come to us for the ultimate in dining and entertainment – Palais Khum.

5-Riad Bahia Salam

Riad Bahia Salam is One of the Best Riads in Morocco

Riad Bahia Salam is One of the Best Riads in Morocco

Situated in the very middle of Marrakech. ” Their lodging is in one of the oldest parts of the city: the Medina; the riad, an oasis of peace. From the comfortable rooms and a beautiful yard to a big roof-top terrace, every inch of this Riad is created only for your convenience.

Whether you sit by the fountain drinking tea or are out shopping in the souks, their personnel are available for purposes of ensuring the guests a perfect stay. Therefore, why not be comfortable and feel at home in Riad Bahia Salam?

5 Best Riads in Fes:

1-Riad Salam Fes

Best Riads in Fes

Here is the home of Riad Salam Fes; their calm and welcoming retreat in the magic city of Fes. Walk into their riad and you will feel the Moroccan hospitality and or African culture. Their rooms are well painted, the whole deco of the building has a tranquility of a courtyard, and the roof top terrace which boasts of the Fes medina.

Even if you are just walking around the gorgeous historical sites of the city, or sipping on a glass of mint tea in the hotel’s courtyard, their personnel is always there to make your experience impeccable. So why wait? Visit Riad Salam Fes today and be a part of the wonders that the place has to offer.

2-Riad Grand Alcazar

Riad Grand Alcazar is One of the Best Riads in Fes

Good day, welcome to Riad Grand Alcazar in Fes. The riad is nestled in the beautiful medina, blending classic Moroccan architecture with modern comforts.

The riad’s rooms, court, restaurant, and spa are impressively designed to create a stunning effect. Thus, there is no better place to stay while admiring the architectural elegance of Fes than Riad Grand Alcazar.

3-Palais Houyam

Palais Houyam

Welcome to Palais Houyam, their royal residence located in the mystical city of Fes! Their chic riad that is situated in the old city centre is perfect for a private and rather tranquil enclave. The rooms in Palais Houyam are adorned in sexy Moroccan style, the courtyard calm, the spa a luxury and the restaurant food clocvets.

Enjoy the warm sun by the pool while having a delicious Moroccan dinner, or take a walk through the medina’s maze where you can buy some Morocco Products such as a moroccan lamp, moroccan lantern, a Berber carpet, moroccan Arg oil products or some Handmade leather products as souvenirs .. Their staff happily fulfills any request. So why wait? It is my recommendation to try the inestimable Palais Houyam and make your stay in Fes one to remember.

4-Riad Ahlam Fes

Riad Ahlam Fes is One of the Top Riads in Morocco

Dear  guest, it is indeed our pleasure to introduce you to Riad Ahlam Fes. Stylishly located in the middle of the souks, their riad is completely secluded. It is a good place in which you can rest after a busy day of site seeing or just walking round. You want to relax, have a rest, and be a guest which is facilitated by comfortable rooms and a free access to the beautiful courtyard. Also, it is characterized by friendly staff and warm attitude that makes the guest feel welcomed.

Whether you take tea on the terrace or Moroccan meals, do not be in a hurry but just to wander through the medina and enjoy the surrounding. Whatever your plan for Fes is, their riad is just the right starting point. Therefore, welcome to Riad Ahlam Fes. Discover the enchantement of the cultural city of Morocco!

5-Riad Fes Relais Château

Riad Fes Relais Château

At Riad Fes Relais Château guests can truly immerse themselves in elegance and refinement. From your living rooms with beautifully designed furniture and walls. Luxurious and elegant are two words that can aptly describe this world. Every suite and room that the hotel offers can be best described as elegant. Have a taste of Moroccan like setting that comes with the comfort of the modern world. This make sure you get the best comfort while you are in the house.

Eat at their quiet courtyard with great views for a cup of coffee and cake. Also, you can have a good meal at their star-rated restaurant which by the way gets Michelin stars. Relax at their one of a kind spa.

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Therefore, Morocco is ideal for riads, offering luxury and a sense of ancient hospitality. Luxury Travel Agency showcases the best Moroccan riads. It features the most luxurious and well-finished options in Marrakech and Fes.

These riads give the clients the potentials to experience Morocco in the boutiques in a romantic setting. Something that puts these riads apart is the care that is taken bringing offers and services to the guests. Thus if you have an intention to enjoy your time while your trip to Morocco in Morocco in a rather unique and unforgettable way then the riad is just for you.


At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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