8 Best Riads in Fes – Top Luxury Moroccan Accommodations

When a tourist is deciding on what area of Morocco they would like to visit; then Fes is a definite must see with more history, color, and stunning structures for a traveler to enjoy. Regarding the numerous of the hotels, the riads in Fes represent the combination of classical Moroccan hospitality and the contemporary comfort. Below Luxury Tours Agency cover 8 best riads in Fes and describe those ones which could be truly considered as excellent accomodations. From beautifully renewed palaces to elegant calm villas with gardens and tender enhancements, these riads are meant to provide travelers with an opportunity to be in the middle of one of the most charming cities – Fes.

If you want a trip to Morocco or if all you needed was some Morocco tours, then you are are welcome. Regarding the accommodation, Luxury Travel Agency will ensure that you are put in the right riad that will give you a traditional and comfortable stay in the ancient city of Fes.

Best Riads in Fes: Top Contenders

1. Riad Fes

Best Riads in Fes

First of all, Riad Fes differs from other accommodations and can be regarded as a gem in the central part of the city. Overlooking the souks from a beautifully renovated 14 th century palace, this riad is both traditional Moroccan and fully up to date with 21 st century mod cons. Also , essentially the most open-air central space, a courtyard in many instances, creates a calm impression for those people who enter specific premises. Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the interior which is filled with beautiful ornament, and the rooms are truly eye-pinging, and it is possible to observe the works of the masters.

In addition, the riad has a traditional Moroccan hospitality flavor that makes every client to feel like they are in their own home. Not only it offers the comfortable accommodation but also presents the cultural experience to the guests. While walking through the corridors of Riad Fes you will be surrounded by the air of history and soft luxury. However, one cannot fail to mention that all these are made even more special by the warm and friendly staff. Above all, this riad is the amazing shelter for everyone who wants to feel the charm of Morocco.

2. Palais Faraj Suites & Spa

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa is One of the Best Riads in Fes

Palais Faraj Suites & Spa is know for the luxury rooms  that offer this sanctuary of luxury, and, therefore, overlooking the Fes medina, it provides a rare look into the core of the city. Also, it is having the state of the art spa to give a moments peace to its clients.

The food which is prepared truly according to the Moroccan recipes will give your palate an exotic delight. Apart from that, there are also beautiful greenery around to so if anyone wants to relax and take a breath, these garden provide a good place. Finally, your visit to Morocco turns into an incredible experience which is charged with luxury and the heritage of the oldest civilization. There is still a huge preference for tourists hence it stands out as the best option..

3. Riad Salam Fes

Riad Salam Fes

Moreover, Riad Salam Fes enjoys the reputation of being both peaceful and ornate;  one must admit that this hotel in Fes is a perfect example of how old Moroccan architecture is complemented by modern Comfort for any luxury travels. Further, it gives a perfect opportunity to the visitors and guests to relax and explore the Moroccan culture and tradition.Riad Salam is one of the best thanks to the unique atmosphere and truly special interiors. Also the layout of the need fulfills a keen appreciation of crafting in Morocco; artisanship that has been appreciated for centuries.

Finally, what can be said is that, no visit to Morocco can be said to be complete if one does not get to visit Riad Salam. Thus, it continues to be a tourist’s favorite destination in Morocco during their tour and a the right place to buy Moroccan handmade products like Berber Carpets, Moroccan lamps and moroccan lanterns, Argan oil products or Leather Products.

4. Riad Laaroussa

Riad Laaroussa

Moreover, Riad Laaroussa charms the guests with the amazing atmosphere of the fascinating Moroccan houses incorporating numerous stunning courtyards that allow the guests to forget about the noise of the medina outside. Also it remains to recall the fact that the classic Moroccan hammams are comfortable for relaxation, which will be useful during any Morocco Private Tours.

Hence, Riad Laaroussa can be noted as a distinguished hotel in Tours of Morocco with respect to hospitality features. Further, its peaceful nature provides a calm environment for anyone on their Morocco tour. Therefore people take it as a norm to add Riad Laaroussa to their list of places to visit in order to improve their Morocco trip by the magic of this charming place.

5. Riad Al Makan

Riad Al Makan

To begin with, Riad Al Makan brings people into a spell through its exteriors and the interiors’ stunning design. Also, it provides comfort and it is perfect for any Morocco private tours. In the attractive courtyard, guest can taste all the true Moroccan courses and every meal becomes the real stage performance. Also, local luxurious rooms are spacious and comfortable as well as elegantly furnished and designed. Thus, the presented riad can be highlighted as one of the best in the Morocco tours. In addition, the fusion of opulence and the real strengthens any Tours of Morocco.

The guests sometimes comment on the great organization and good customer relations when it comes to meals. Hence, riad al makan stands out as one of the  best Riads in Fes. Besides, it is the calm environment that could provide the best solution for those looking for a quiet time during their Morocco trip. Thus, this riad turns the regular trips to Morocco into truly unique experiences.

6. Riad Ahlam

Riad Ahlam is One of the Best Riads in Fes

Firstly, Riad Ahlam is a offbeat luxury that enchants the guests by its sophisticated architecture and earthen decoration in the Moroccan style with comfort of world-class hotel. Also, there is a rooftop terrace with picturesque vistas over the city and the sea extending over plaza. Hence, it is considered a must-visit for any Morocco Private Tours. Further, the accommodation provided by the Riad Ahlam guarantees a pleasant stay and it is among the Morocco Tours.

Further, its location is very convenient for accessing the active medina. In fact, Riad Ahlam makes change the trips to Morocco into marvelous experiences. Some of the things guests are most likely to appreciate are the, warm and kind treatment patients get.

7. Riad El Amine

Riad El Amine is One of the Best Riads in FesRiad El Amine can be described as outstanding with the help of the combination of the historical and the modern design with sophistication. First of all, there are extraordinary stucco walls with mosaic floors, coverage, and open space like belonging to a palace from feodal times. Also, the Services help to anticipate the guests’ needs and take care of all minuses flawlessly. Thus, it remains as an exciting thing to do in Morocco Private Tours.

Staying in this location is a perfect end to each day discovered in Morocco. Besides, it is strategically located near the crowded medina, thus enhancing every Morocco tour. In fact, Riad El Amine Fes makes out of Trips to Morocco Extraordinary Journeys. Specifically, audience members have expressed their admiration of architectural designs with the blending of historical architecture with contemporary comfort.

8. Riad Le Grand Alcazar

Riad Le Grand Alcazar

Riad Le Grand Alcazar is indeed the finest place situated in the oldest and largest city of Morocco known as Fes. The place and establishment epitomizes the sophisticated traditional Moroccan architecture combined with all the comforts of modernity. When you enter the large courtyard, you feel that you are in Morocco and therefore, you do feel the culture and heritage surroundings you.

The designing in the form of tiles the elegance of the gardens and the sound of small fountains adds to the beauty of the place. Every single room is an art piece as each piece of furniture is custom made, and material used is only of the finest.

Moroccan Architectural Splendor

Terrific Moroccan riads break through in Fes. And that’s where we can see quite welcoming internal gardens, or yards for the buildings. They occupy an important position in each and every riad.

These Moroccan riads have stunning tiling, the arches, and the fountains that are known to have a very calming effect. Indeed, those cities demonstrate the finest examples of Moroccan architectural and design that has stood the test of time.

Initiation to Fes cultural travel incorporates these original Moroccan house hotels. They show us the tours along the historical evolution of this city for hours. What is noticeable in most of the riads is the workmanship of the Moroccan craftsmen.

Fes: A Cultural Treasure Trove

In Fes, it’s way more than the luxurious riads. That is why the city is practically filled with cultural value for those who are eager to look for it. Its heart is the UNESCO-listed medina with the old streets, crowded souks, and historical landmarks. Indeed, this place can take you back in time.

Find the active Fes tourist sites. Experience the achieved Fes cultural events that are irresistible. Tiles, outstanding gates in Moroccan riads, grand archways, all can be seen in Fes. These are markets and old working places that tell about a rather dark period in Moroccan history.

For the seekers, Fes provides in Fes travel guides a lot of things to discover. They have specific themed tours for its architecture, food tours and even some of the hidden things. All of these special trips can enhance your Morocco tours and, of course, your Trip to Morocco.

Luxury Moroccan Tours

Experience Morocco and particularly the city of Fes with our Luxury Travel Agency. As for these kinds of tourism services, these comfort & exploration orientated potter around the Historical, Cultural, and Natural attractions of the country.

These are our Tours of Morocco focusing on the most beautiful places of this country. This way you can also wonder at the high Atlas Mountains as well as the Moroccon souks in Marrakech. Are you interested in Moroccan food or Sahara Desert or the architecture of Fes? Morocco Luxury Tours will specially design for you a Morocco private tour that will suit you. Prepare yourself for one heck of a ride that absolutely no one could have ever dreamed of.

Planning Your Moroccan Escape

Thinking about getting your initial plans on paper for your vacation to Morocco? When choosing riad in Fes one should be very careful to make the right choice for achieving an authentic and stunning experience. Today, there are so many high-end Fes hotels and oriental Moroccan riads available.

The best Fes riad is more than just a lovely experience of the tourists staying at a Fes boutique hotel. It provides the opportunity to get to the core of Fes’ people and their history. The splendid riad provides an opportunity to see exceptional interior design and study vibrantly historical Fes.

Choosing the correct Fes travel guides as well as the right riad is also part of the discovery. Savor the experience of defining the things that you like and the things you require.

Authentic Moroccan Hospitality

The essence of the best riad experience in Fes is undoubtedly the Moroccan hospitality. What’s more, it’s in every part of your stay. First thing you ever feel as soon as you get there is the warm welcome. The objective of it is to have a pleasant time during your stay.

The Fes cultural experiences expostulation of the Moroccan ethos. They are important and include the following; The traditional Moroccan riads will be the background of your trip. This is to mean that all your needs are going to be meet by the skilled staff of the company. It means, They make your stay in Fes memorable.

Discovering The architecture and design of Morocco or immersing Life in the City? On top of that, the good riads in Fes are characterized by the advanced level of service. It will be as authentic as it gets when it comes to Moroccan hospitality. I think it is personal ordeal one which stays with you, in your heart and memory.

For the perfect vacation plan and useful tips, read our comprehensive guide, and if you are already decided to travel in Africa? Discover our top destinations to explore. with these curated Africa tours for an unforgettable adventure.


Thus, searching for the best riads in Fes implies much more than just searching for a place where to sleep. It is an opportunity to succumb to the cultural imperative of Morocco. The right Riad allows me to feel the marvelous architecture, comfort, and unforgettable nostalgic note.

Whether the purpose of the trip is for business, leisure, or anything in between, finding the ideal riad could enhance our experience in Fes. Cultural activities and tourisms in Fes should not be underemphasized for the following reasons. Thus, only by walking through the medina and tasting Moroccan Practices and traditions, one can appreciate the Moroccan history. This is why our visit to Fes is even more valuable.

At Luxury Tours Agency, we believe that a Private Tour should be an immersive experience—authentic through interactions with locals and comfortable in terms of travel and accommodations.

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